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Chapter 2 Making it happen

Making it happen

The team comes together

As with so many Accenture projects, if someone in the local area hasn’t got experience of working with a technology, there’s bound to be someone in the global network who can help.

Which is why we called our embedded software engineering people in Latvia, our experts in Italy and the US, who’d successfully developed integrated video and IPTV projects, developers in India who knew all about application infrastructure, as well as the great tech guys we had in the UK. But we didn’t just want answers over the phone though. We needed them to be in London – so to London they came.

One platform to rule them all

The audacity of this project was what made it so exciting. But it also made it incredibly complex. We were basically building an entire digital ecosystem that could house and distribute content from a range of providers.

In doing this, we had to make sure that all the information that was coming into the box was compatible, as well as set up all the processes and protocols that would make this as simple as possible.

What’s more, we were building for success straight from the off – making sure that the ecosystem could expand to house any new content providers or technology providers who wanted to come on board – so it had to be on an open platform.

Thankfully we had the people who could help us do it. People like Sebastian, our B2B lead.

Making it happen


CCO Application Lead

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Testing, testing, 1,2,3

When you’re building something new, the problem is that it can be difficult to foresee the problems. With this project we set out to nullify that by sticking to the adage, ‘if it hasn’t been tested, it doesn’t work’. So we put in place industrial-strength end-to-end testing, simulating every aspect of the components and building our own in-house test tools that made sure it could handle anything that could be thrown at it.

Making it happen


Lead for the YouView Data Warehouse Re-platform Project

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