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Chapter 3 The launch and beyond

The launch

The team comes together

So after three years the launch day came. Suddenly it was all so real. We’d developed a real partnership with YouView, helping them go from operating out of BBC offices to a fully-fledged company that was launching a product – and we all had something to show for it. It was in John Lewis. It was bundled up with Talk Talk and BT deals. It was in people’s homes. But what then?

The launch

The end is just the beginning
The relationship changes

With the product now launched, we entered a different phase. YouView was its own company, but they still wanted us to be part of their big plans for the future.

The launch

They’d gone from a team of a few very talented BBC engineers to a well-resourced business with its own team of developers and coders. But our expertise in handling back-end development, testing and strategy speaks for itself. So our role changed, and so did the roles of our people.

The launch


Managing Director

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